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USAFA Official Class Paintings™.
Over 40 years of history captured on Canvas


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Rick Broome Pioneered the Class Painting Project in 1974.  Below are all of our past Class Prints, both the Official Class Prints, and Commemorative Editions.  They are listed from the most Recent to the Oldest.  Many of these editions are Sold Out! 

NOTE: We have discontinued ALL Paper editions and have limited availability on past lithographs. We are currently offering a "Buyback" upgrade program where you can upgrade your paper lithograph or paper Giclee to a Canvas edition and Keep your original paper edition. The Buyback is a $400 credit for lithographs, and $1K credit on paper Starlites towards the purchase of our most popular size canvas edition, or canvas Starlite, 20x24 (estimated size). If you are interested in one of our Lithographs from past years, or want to upgrade, please contact us or visit our Online Store

2018 Class Painting: FORTHCOMING...
2017 Official class painting
"a new day!"
in progress

Digital Sketch of proposed layout. Images coming soon...

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The 2017 Class Painting, "A New Day" is currently in progress. The original painting is scheduled to be unveiled at Ring Dance in May, 2016. This painting is a tribute to the 2017 Exemplar Col. Bud Day. Featuring his MISTY FAC F-100 flying low over the Academy. The painting is set at the dawn of a new day with a brilliant sunrise capturing the spirit of the Academy and paying tribute to all the classes. The Class of 17 wanted to capture this by having the sunrise go from Gold to Red to Silver to Blue. This is an extra large Original measuring approximately 4 feet by 4 feet.

We are currently accepting pre orders. Available in Canvas Only in several sizes and types to include Rick's trademark Starlite Edition and other special editions like the Lifetime edition and Gift edition.



The 2016 Class Painting, "Fire & Ice" is a historical painting capturing the trials and tribulations of the Class of 2016. The painting is heavy with symbolism from Mark Welsh's Desert Storm F-16 to the Waldo Canyon Fire and Pikes Peak under a blanket of Ice and Snow. Maj. David "Klepto" Brodeurs F-16 Lizard Jet is also hidden in the background. The Fire represents a brief moment in time when the Waldo Canyon Fire blew out and came over the ridge to affect so many in Colorado Springs in 2012.

The Original is a large piece measuring approximately 4 feet by 3 feet and is a full Starlite Original. The 2016 Class Painting took roughly 1200 hours to complete.

We are in our final push for availability at the current pricing for graduation. After graduation, all canvas editions will increase to fair market value and some editions will be closed.



             2016 official class painting
          "fire & ice"

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2015 official class painting
"One fight, one team"

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The 2015 Official Class Painting, "One Fight, One Team" is an incredible vibrant painting capturing the Gold in a Colorado Sunset. The painting is a reflection of the Class of 2015 with the large F-15 Strike Eagle the dominant force in the painting. The F-15 is being followed by an F-22 and F-35 signifying the 57th graduating class.

The painting took 1500 hours to complete and is filled with hidden meanings and trademarked hidden vignettes. The class of 2015 was greatly involved with the creation of the painting and this shows in the dramatic scene depicted.

"One Fight, One Team" is still available for purchase in several sizes including the Starlite Edition. We also are offering the Lifetime Edition and Gift edition to those that did not get a chance to order when released at the Academy in 2014.




The 2014 Official Legacy Class Painting, "The Moment of Truth" is a historical painting from which no photography was captured. This painting captures the "moment in time" that Jay Zeamer earned the Medal of Honor. The B-17, Old #666 was put together using parts from others that only Zeamer would fly. Attacked by 5 Japaneese Zeros, they successfully completed their mission although Zeamer was gravely injured.

This painting was commissioned by the Class of 2014 but did not get released or offered to the Cadets and Parents until late in the year. This painting is still available for purchase.


               2014 official Legacy class painting
              "the moment of truth"


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2013 official class painting
"Above & beyond ii"

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The 2013 Official Class Painting, "Above & Beyond" captured the grit of the "Bomber Class". Although the class had two A-10's and the F-35 to add up to the 55th graduating class, they were known as the "Bomber Class" after their Exemplar Kurt LeMay. The class chose to have the B-1, B-52 and B-2 to add up to 55 with the two A-10's and F-35 hidden below above the bombers.

2013 was one of the few classes that had both an Exemplar Class Painting and an Official Class Painting.  These two works are a great compliment to each other capturing the history of the class and what made them great!



The 2012 Official Class Painting, "Attention to Detail" was inspired by a speech made by General Mark Welsh where he talked about exactly that. This highly detailed original painting took approximately 1200 hours to create and features two F-22 Raptors and an A-10 flying low over the Academy.

The view of the Academy was captured during a photo mission where Rick actually was flying a Cessna 172 on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The time of day was exactly when our country was attacked on that fateful day.

This painting was meant to attain greatness as it was the first class painting created by Rick Broome after four years of losing the project. After not having done an original for a graduating class in almost five years, Rick was able to get back into the groove and put out an active stunning piece. Later that year, the Class had Rick take out the F-22's and put in Air Force One as a gift to the President who spoke at graduation. From what we heard, he loved the painting!

The Class of 2012 was also the first class to commission Rick to do an Exemplar Painting which featured Hap Arnold.

President Obama receiving a special gift edition featuring AF1 over the Academy in the 2012 Background.

2012 official class painting
"attention to detail"

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2001 Commemorative
"spirit of the academy"

2001 Official Painting
"Wings of Blue"


2000 Official Class Painting

1999 Official Class Painting

1998 Official Class Painting
"red storm flight"

1997 Official Class Painting

1996 Official Class Painting

1995 Official Class Painting

1989 Official Class Painting


1987 Official Class Painting

1985 Official Class Painting

1984 Official Class Painting

1983 Official Class Painting

1982 Official Class Painting


1981 Official Class Painting

1979 Official Class Painting

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